Myth and Misnomer of Discovery

The Myth and Misnomer of Discovery

Oil on canvas, 30"x24", 1994; Collection of the artist.

Copyright © David G. Wilson


These paintings and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

The opinion that this painting seeks to convey is strongly based on my own idiosyncracies, being descendent from the people who had to hold the blade of the sword. It is still quite irritating when the word " Discovery" is used to refer the the "arrival" of Columbus in the Western Hemisphere. To Europeans and their descendants, it has been a boon, since they have been and still are the beneficiaries of that journey of exploitation (exploration). The struggle and pain of the colonized people have never and will never be addressed. Whatever benefits that have accrued from Columbus' journey have not been equitably shared and shall never be. So, it is incumbent on "someone" to at least, make a statement of protest when the word "Discovery" is used, since the use of the word "discovery" negates the existence of the people who were already there.

We were taught in "HIS-STORY" class that Columbus "DISCOVERED" the Western hemisphere with a fleet of three ships. However, there seems to have been one boat- a canoe- that "arrived" there before his. This fact, therefore, negates his claim to "discovery". Furthermore, the massacre that ensued leaves Columbus with quite bloody hands. But, the quest for gold and wealth, in general, has always left the human species bloody and bloodied; some are the victims and others the perpetrators of the whole "bloody" mess.

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